Bancroft Capital Changing the Narrative on Veteran Employment this Veterans Day

Posted: November 11, 2019

The Travis Manion Foundation shares their mission to empower veterans with the Bancroft Capital team on Veterans Day.

The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned broker/dealer is shifting the focus from “jobs for veterans” to “careers for veterans” while donating 100% of net proceeds on Veterans Day to Travis Manion Foundation.

In honor of all veterans, Bancroft Capital is donating 100% of their net profits on Veterans Day to the Travis Manion Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers veterans and their families. The partnership comes as the firm continues to emphasize a shift in the conversation around veteran employment.

“Too often, we focus simply on finding ‘jobs’ for our nation’s veterans,” said Founder and CEO, Cauldon D. Quinn. “In fact, it is not unemployment but rather underemployment that serves as the biggest challenge facing veterans in the workplace, and addressing that epidemic requires a focus on helping them establish ‘careers,’ and Travis Manion Foundation is on the front lines of that battle.”

Jobs vs. Careers

Quinn is advocating for corporate America to recognize the fundamental shift in the veteran narrative. Statistics released earlier this year by the United States Department of Labor indicate that underemployment for veterans is still twice that of the national average. Additionally:

Quinn posits that promoting the restoration of military service members into their civilian lives is not only in the best interest of America and its veterans, it is a profitable equation for business.

“Our country’s objective for its military service member transitioning into a civilian career should NOT be the temporal existence of a job but the attainment of a skill set that will last the life of several jobs, tantamount to a career,” expresses Quinn.

Bancroft has exerted its leadership in the narrative shift from “jobs” to “careers for veterans” with the implementation of a formal Veteran Training Program (VTP) woven into the fabric of its business.

Bancroft’s VTP has a three-pronged approach:

(1)   Meet veterans early, in the hospitals before they transition fully into civilian life

(2)   Facilitate effective training through an on-the-job training regimen

(3)   Integrate academic achievement through partnerships with Villanova University and DeSales University. All VTP candidates have access to business school classes, 4yr degree programs, and if they meet the criteria, direct acceptance into an executive MBA program without the prerequisite of a four-year degree.

The VTP accepts a new class of candidate every six months and allows Veterans, through their own hard work and diligence, to re-write their futures as they develop skill sets that last through not one job, for the life of a career.

The Travis Manion Foundation empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations. They are committed to creating a nation of purpose-driven individuals and thriving communities that is built on character.