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Investment Advisory

Broker Dealer Services

Fixed Income

Bancroft Capital offers a full suite of fixed income trading solutions to our clients. We maintain strong liquidity across many street relationships and offer speed of execution through Bloomberg’s Fixed Income Trading Platform. Our trading and execution team is comprised of industry veterans who work tirelessly to find execution improvements and value add trade opportunities for our clients across all fixed income products including:

  • Treasuries
  • Agencies
    • Bancroft is approved by Freddie Mac (FHLMC) as a selling group member to participate in new-issue offerings
    • Bancroft is approved by Fannie Mae (FNMA) as a selling group member to participate in new-issue offerings
    • Bancroft is approved by Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) as a selling group member to participate in new-issue offerings
  • Corporates
  • Mortgages
    • Selling group member for Freddie Mac’s mortgage product
    • Selling group member for Fannie Mae’s mortgage product
    • Private CMBS activity
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Broker Dealer Services

Public Finance

Bancroft Capital offers municipal clients banking, distribution, and public finance expertise across multiple sectors, especially with GO’s, transportation, housing, and higher education offerings. Our team has a wealth of industry knowledge and works to help both clients and issuers navigate the tax-exempt market with ease and flexibility. We have demonstrated distribution capabilities with a diverse account base and have established strong relationships with a number of regional professional retail accounts. Additionally, we excel in highlighting relative value opportunities across both the taxable and tax-exempt markets, primarily with public fund accounts. At our core, we seek to provide dynamic solutions to the unique issues posed by today’s market.

  • Municipal Finance
  • Trading
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Capital Markets & Investment Banking

Capital Markets

Bancroft Capital offers a wide array of capital raising solutions, encompassing traditional debt origination, and distribution, equity underwriting, primary market access in addition to secondary markets trading. We provide hands on value add coverage and deliver daily intelligence that assists our clients in navigating the markets.

  • Debt Underwriting
  • Equity Underwriting
  • Corporate Share Repurchase

Investment Banking

Bancroft Capital’s Investment Banking team provides service and advisory for private and public transactions. We are a solutions-oriented team of seasoned professionals. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • M&A
  • Equity Capital Raise
  • Debt Capital Raise
  • Corporate Advisory Services
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Broker Dealer Services

Equity Trading

Bancroft Capital offers domestic institutional equity trading to mutual funds, hedge funds, corporations, endowments, pension funds, and government entities on an agency-only basis. Our professional trading team has over 50 years of experience and works tirelessly to find execution improvements and value-add trade opportunities. Bancroft offers FIX compliant order routing; third-party algorithmic and program trading; and the ability to become a Sponsored Broker on the BIDS network, which enables clients to find natural liquidity and meet client mandates. Bancroft offers customized suite of strategies, working with our clients to ensure we meet their investment objectives. Our robust suite of electronic and algorithmic trading tools offers smart router capabilities with access to exchanges, dark pools, and NYSE routing to meet or beat client-established benchmarks. Additionally, we offer clients pre-and post-trade 40transaction cost analysis (TCA), commission sharing agreements (CSA), and white-label algorithmic capabilities. Our desk has a wealth of experience in corporate share repurchase ability, managing 10b5-1 trading plans over long engagement periods.

  • Trading
  • Share Repurchase

Broker Dealer Services

Cash Management

Bancroft offers a Cash Management Portal powered by State Street Global Markets. Coupling best-in-class technology with access to an open architecture of investible funds allows Bancroft Capital to act as a second line of reinforcement for your treasury needs. We serve state and local governments, insurance companies, corporations and non-profits.

  • State Street
  • TriState

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Cash Management Portal

Investment Advisory

401(k) Consulting

Bancroft Capital helps small to mid-size businesses build and manage highly effective retirement plans for their employees. Business owners and management teams love working with us because we keep it simple. We seek to deliver cost savings and increased performance; we engage and support their employees; but we do it in a way that streamlines the entire approach so they can focus on growing their business.

Investment Advisory

Asset Management

Bancroft Capital uses our collective expertise, innovation, and strength to generate ideas and answers for our clients. In today’s ever changing financial landscape clients need a solutions-oriented strategic partner. We offer our services to institutional clients across the Unites States in the corporate, government and private investment spaces.