James Leaghty

Captain James Leaghty is a former United States Marine Corps Officer and a recent Master’s of Finance graduate. While pursuing a degree in Political Science from the University of Utah, Leaghty had the opportunity to work in Washington D.C., Australia, and South Korea. He was able to meet many exceptional top-level decision makers who also happened to serve in the Marine Corps of their respective nations. Admiring their leadership skills, technical competence, and personal philosophy, Leaghty the joined the United States Marine Corps and served as an Artillery Officer. Through this experience, he studied the art of leadership and recognized the necessity of integrity, servant leadership, and resiliency to facilitate mission success – both in and out of uniform.

In 2018, Leaghty temporarily left the Marine Corps and went to Seoul, South Korea where he studied the Korean Language at Yonsei University. He received a distinguished student award that reflected his determination to learn the foreign language. At this time, Leaghty also started to become deeply passionate about the Financial Markets. In order to help substantiate and reconcile his intellectual curiosity, Leaghty pursued a Master’s of Finance from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. There he received praise from his professors for his drive and also won a finance competition where he used the binomial option pricing model to help quantify corporate decisions. Leaghty holds the Series 7, 52, 63, 65, and 79 licenses in addition to the SIE. He is also enrolled as a CFA Level 1 candidate.