Miles Marshall

Lieutenant Colonel Miles Marshall is a retired US Air Force Evaluator Pilot and Director of Operations for two different combat operational squadrons. From operating the first combat mission into Kuwait for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, to insertions into Baghdad for the capture of Saddam Hussein, to leading NATO efforts for the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi, Lieutenant Colonel Miles Marshall commanded missions literally through fire with an Air Medal being granted following an engine explosion on take-off. As an ambassador, he planned and executed multiple humanitarian operations to include Hurricane Katrina evacuations, supplies into Japan following the Fukushima nuclear reactor melt-down, and refugee relief and support in Syria and Libya. His sense of duty to his fellow airmen saw him deployed as the tactics officer to train aircrew to operate safely in combat following a shoot- down of a fellow C-5 aircrew in Baghdad.

While serving his country, he also earned two Masters’ degrees. The first in Philosophy, with his thesis on Existential Virtue Ethics being published, and his second in Military Operational Arts and Science. He also spent four and a half years instructing cadets at the US Air Force Academy where his mentorship of cadets in the Academy Character Enrichment Seminars earned him the Lance P. Sijan Award for Character and Leadership.