R. Antoine Flateau II

VTP Candidate

Lieutenant R. Antoine Flateau II is a former United States Army Officer and recent Master’s of Business Administration candidate.

After completing a degree in Political Science from Shaw University, Antoine decided he would follow some of his other interests by enrolling in Pittsburgh Theological Seminary where he pursued a master’s in General Studies, with a focus in Biblical Archeology. While there he studied abroad in Israel/Palestine and Morocco. It was during this time that he reflected on his many talks with his grandfather, whom he much admired and modeled his life after, and with whom he would speak about his travels during his time served in the military. This aided in his decision to join the Navy.

While serving in the Navy and stationed at an Army Base, Lieutenant Flateau was advised by his leadership to apply for a commissioning program due to his excellent work ethic, experience, and educational background. After four years of serving in the Navy, he left for a commission in the United States Army as a Logistics Officer. In 2019, upon completing Officer training, he was Deployed to Afghanistan. Following the Army’s Warriors Ethos “I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade” he came home with from a successful deployment highly decorated with a Bronze Star Medal in 2019.

While there, he led as the Officer in Charge of two sustainment support teams in the Kabul region. He served with NATO nations leading the way with logistical efforts and managing government contracts. During this time, Lieutenant Flateau developed a fondness for Finance. Upon the advice of his commander, and with the aptitude he had with managing government contracts during the deployment, he suggested that Business school with a focus in finance would be the next best step to take in his career. In 2020, due to Lieutenant Flateau’s experience while on deployment, he was able to acquire a role with the Army Corp. of Engineers as a Budget Analyst. With much success in transitioning and settling into his new role, he enrolled into Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business to further educate himself in the field of Finance.