Providing a Military Perspective on
Today’s Geopolitical Climate

In today’s rapidly changing economy and markets, geopolitical risk poses a constant threat, capable of disrupting market expectations and economic narratives in unforeseeable ways. Acknowledging this ever-present factor, Bancroft Capital has established the GEOIntelligence Group, a team of experts led by the esteemed Major General (Retired) Ferdinand “Fred” Stoss, who bring decades of experience in the U.S. Air Force and strategic analysis.

The Group’s mission is to keep clients informed on long-term and evolving strategic problems, regional flashpoints, and topical challenges like cyber threats, space activities, nuclear weapons, and terrorism. Bancroft Capital’s GEOIntelligence Group can assist businesses in navigating these complexities through their valuable resources, including white papers, executive summary reports, directed reports, and personalized expert commentary.

White Papers

In-Depth Insights for Long-Term Strategy

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Executive Summary Reports

Timely Insights for Event-Driven Decisions

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Directed Reports

Tailored Analyses on Client-Specified Interests

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Meet The Group

Meet our Editor-In-Chief and Contributors

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The Bancroft GEOIntelligence Group's expert commentary ensures that clients receive credible insights amidst geopolitical turbulence. For businesses seeking to thrive in today's complex landscape, the GEOIntelligence Group supports clients in understanding geopolitical risks.