Bancroft Capital Celebrates Third Anniversary on July 4, 2020

Posted: June 30, 2020

“No matter how wonderful our people or the quality of service(s) Bancroft delivers, it is all for naught without individuals willing to give Bancroft an opportunity,” shares Cauldon D. Quinn, Bancroft Founder & CEO. “On this, the third anniversary of Bancroft’s founding, we are overwhelmed with GRATITUDE for all of those who have believed in us and given us the chance to earn their business.”

Our success, both as a business and a group providing career training for disabled veterans, would not be possible without the many friends who have stood behind us so that our disabled veterans can once again stand on their own. The gratitude we feel compels us to boldly re-invest in our firm with content, people and product(s) capable of increasing the value we return to our loyal friends.

With great pride and appreciation, we acknowledge the following groups who have made our success possible:

Because of the opportunities and support provided by everyone listed above, Bancroft Capital is honored to announce these accomplishments:

We look forward to many continued years of growth and the lives that we may positively influence in that time.